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soft sub: 2011.09.03 Arashi ni Shiyagare

hi everyone *wave hands*  long time no see ^^

i know this is a really really tiny part of their latest shiyagare but still i hope you guys enjoy matsumiya love as much as i did ^^
the only part is where nino Said in janken to jun...(crap im so sleepy dont know what to say ^^")


DL link: Shiyagare

Help us get ARASHI to EUROPE!

long time no see ^^
we are so busy this semester >_< even we can't sub new pv !
I miss arashi very much ,i didn't see new video , or read any fic recently T_T....
and about this post ... Original text from LISA ^^

There are lots of arashians in Europe and me and my friend are two of them. There is a big event held in Paris every year. It’s called JAPAN EXPO and in last years it featured many big stars such as Miyavi, X Japan or even Morning Musume. We’ve written a letter to the organizers asking them to invite ARASHI this year. But we need large support of the fans! The more signatures we get under the letter, the better:


I believe there are many other fans in Europe, who would love to see them!!
We can make it! ^__^ <3

Hope,they can come :X
Have Good day

p.s:i wish, i could come to 12's arashi concert (wish smile)
p.s:hhh ...ridda birthday is near and i can't do anything .... (but i am so happy because my birthday is close to ridda birthday .yay ~~~~ )

translator needed ^^

hey everyone ^___^ (may have been nagging me to post this request for ages >.<)
okay as you see,our community can sub we cant translate(though i do alittle myself but theyr awful >.<")
anyway here is the thing,if there is anyone who know Japanese and is interested to be our translator just leave a comment or send me a PM so we can cooperate and sub more video's,believe me we are fast but since there is no translator we cant send out much work ^^"...
anywhoo...if anyone's interested to be a translator just tell me ^__^

how do you know arashi ?!

hello mina ^__^
this is my first post here.i don't know what to say ( today my friend say i must post.. ,if i don't she will kill me .she is horrible ,ne ?! (evil smile :D))
emmmm(it s hard >_<)
let s talk about arashiiii.
i think i konw arashi in 2006 or 2007.i see jun kun in hana yori dango. domyoji is dreamy boy and i want to know about jun more(he is the my first love in arashi but every thing changing ne ?! hehehe,all of them are great ).this way i knew arashi.
when i listen to arashi music ,i will get energy from them .if i start my day with them ,my day become great and shining <<<3

if you woulde like ,talk about how you know arashi ^_^.

p.s:sorry ,i am really bad in EN.
p.s:L J a little complex...


Hi every one ^__________^

Eerrr....(OMG i had alot of things to say but right now im my mind is totally blank)...

Uuumm...well me and my friend(may)for soooooo~ long wanted to do this,but you know how school and life is(specially when everyone want something from you)so we didn't have time for it,but after she noticed that there isn't any fan community from our country(she called yelling at me T^T)any way,we try to put Arashi's music videos softsub(or subtitle),yes if anyone want any particular song,ill do that for you,but for now i have to do may's request <3,uummm(im sure there was something else i wanted to say...:?)aha ^________^,ill put soft subs in 3form,one with only Romanji,one with Lyrics translation(Eng),and the third with both of them...

AND,for our persian fan's,may will update them with persian translation(separate from Eng),and other than music videos maybe their tv dramas(well its a faaaaaaaaaarrr~ dream,cant promise it for)but for now,hope you enjoy it...<3

aaah,i almost forgot @_@


well there isnt much of that,just dont claim them as your's,its not just me,aloot of people put their effort for them,dont wast their hard work like that ^______^,or i have to moderate the member ship(which i hate to do).
hope you like them <3

P.s: subs are members locked. m(_ _)m
P.s.s:its open membership,just click on the ------------------>>>( join this community )^___^(it doeasnt need my approval) ^____ +